UHA Caregiver Training ZANI VIV Corporation is a network of caregiver schools in Visayas and Mindanao which started its operations in 2001. It was the brainchild of Dr. Zamyra “Mia” Franco-Baguio. Saddened by the premature passing away of her grandmother due to poor caregiving, she was moved to establish a caregiver school. She wanted that grandmothers all over the world would be taken care of appropriately. The year 2000 was also the time when there was massive demand for caregivers for Canada and elsewhere, and so training centers were sprouting in the whole country.

Dr. Zamyra with her father Atty. Francisco Franco and her husband, Engr. Nicolas “Nick” Baguio, worked hand-in hand to establish one training center after another. Atty. Franco named the school as “uha” which is an onomatopoeia of the first cry of a baby. Together, Atty. Franco & Dr. Zamyra designed the original logo. The first logo features a baby with a book. This is reflective of the children that will be taken care of, and that everyone, even the elderly starts as a baby and utters the first cry, and that caregivers should continuously study to care for the young and the old. Beside the baby is a maple leaf – the national emblem of Canada, as the curriculum was so designed to fit the requirements of the Canadian Live-In Caregiver Program. The full name of the training center is spelled out under the UCTZ abbreviation. A blue colored UCTZ, depicts the sky and the sea, with UCTZ caregivers travelling around the world. It also depicts depth and stability for the company and the founder’s faith in the Filipino as a very good caregiver in the world, their loyalty to continuous improvement and quality training following TESDA standards.

From 2001 to 2005, under the leadership of Engr. Nicolas Baguio and Dr. Zamyra Baguio and the guidance of Atty. Franco, the company steadily established 6 branches in the Visayas and Mindanao Region.

Date OpenedBranchAddress
Sep. 8, 2001UCTZ-Iligan City4F Abalos Bldg., in Aguinaldo St., Iligan City
Sep. 16, 2002UCTZ-Mandaue City2F Franco Bldg., Highway, Mandaue City
Feb. 14, 2003UCTZ-ZaNi Viv Corp.
(Nick and Zamyra Baguio- Franchisee)
Deiparine Bldg., Tabunok, Talisay, Cebu
Mar 3, 2003UCTZ-Lacarte Corp.
(Amado Lawas – Franchisee)
2F Grace Bldg., F. Ralota St., Danao City
Jan. 4, 2004UCTZ- Cagayan de Oro3F Almirante Bldg., Don Apolinar Velez St.,
Cagayan de Oro City
Oct. 28, 2005UCTZ- Ormoc3F Aniceta Bldg., Aviled Cor Rizal St., Ormoc City
May 2019UCTZ - DumagueteDNJ 181 Bldg., Dr. V Locsin Street, Taclobo, above Klassik Cyber Zone

During this time, numerous graduates are able to work abroad in such countries as Canada, Norway. UCTZ was recognized by the Philippine Marketing Association as the Best Caregiver School for two successive years. UCTZ trainees were recognized by hospitals, doctors and health care practitioners as well-trained, efficient and affectionate caregivers. Caregiving students had fun in their classes as they learned from dedicated trainers.

In the summer of 2006, the couple, Engr. Nick & Dr. Zamyra Baguio left UCTZ. While continuing to manage the Talisay branch, the couple focused on their new acquisition, Britech College (formerly Interface Computer College) and in Leaders Link Training, a Human Resource consulting company, and opened up Abiba Manpower Services.

Atty. Franco continued to manage all the other branches. In March 2013, the Iligan branch was sold out to MEGAMITCH owned by Alain De Schouwer and Marrianne Delector. The organization encountered internal challenges during this time, however despite the difficulties, the UCTZ training has already been firmly established thereby ensuring the quality education that was expected by the industry.

Recent Developments

On October negotiations started, and on December 2015, after ten years, Engr. Nick and Dr. Zamyra took over UCTZ- Mandaue. In January 2017, they gained major control of UCTZ- Cagayan de Oro, with brothers Francisco Franco II and Christian Rock Franco as minor stockholders. The three branches are now under the Uha Caregiver – ZaNi VIV Corporation or UCTZ. Major improvements have been initiated as a result of their hands-on management, additional advances are in the offing to continue to adjust to the changing needs of the industry. The UCTZ Curriculum has recently undergone review and enhancements to be more responsive to the new necessities; facilities and equipment are undergoing improvements; new modes of training delivery was initiated such as the distance learning program and admin operations are systematized, all these to deliver better quality of training.