The Logo

The continuous improvement is reflected in the newly reinvigorated logo. In the summer of 2016, with the technical assistance of Veronica Mae Baguio, the new logo was developed and launched. It is a logo that reflects the Training Center’s position cater to the new opportunities for Filipino caregivers such as in Japan, Germany, Singapore and other countries with an aging population.

UCTZ logo

The logo shows an image of people joining hands, surrounding the globe. The interconnected hands project the company’s dedication to providing quality training hand-in-hand with the Philippine Government through TESDA, and with the Health care institutions of the world, needing caregivers.   Internally, it is about UCTZ, working hand-in-hand with the faculty, staff and students in maximizing the learning opportunities for the students.

The Globe – symbolizes our mother earth, it reminds us that the world need affectionate and efficient caregivers. It is also the working place of UCTZ graduates, it is the realization of dreams for current students.

The colors of the “people” were carefully chosen to reflect what UCTZ stands for:

  • The color Red symbolizes our passion, persistence and resilience in delivering quality training. The same traits that we instill to our trainees, to have the passion to serve, persistence to overcome obstacles and resilience to new and strange environments.
  • The color Violet, a color of royalty, prosperity and problem solving. We take it to inspire us to tackle any problem we encounter and help build a prosperous nation starting with prosperous caregivers. We have pride in this profession, a profession of dignity and integrity. These same character traits are imbibed in our training curriculum, for students to internalize.
  • The color Green symbolizes harmony with the environment and our stakeholders. It denotes the continued organizational growth, growth among the team members and for the students. The same traits we inculcate in the minds of our students, the life –skills as a source of harmony and technical skills for continued upward growth.

Our Mission

Give comfort to families through the Filipino brand of caregiving

Our Vision

To be a world-recognized training specialist for caregiving