Interested to be a caregiver and enroll with UHA? Read on to find out more about our program, how to enroll, opportunities and the rates.

Are you having face to face classes right now?

Yes, we are having face to face classes in some (not all) of our branches. TESDA has allowed techvoc institutions to resume face to face classes as long as proper protocols are followed. We are conducting face to face class in our Mandaue City, Cebu City, Talisay City, Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City branches. Face to face classes are still on pause in our Ormoc and Dumaguete branch.



How can I enroll in face to face class?

Please visit the branch that you want to enroll in. You may check for the address and contact details of each branch here.

How long is the caregiving course?

Our caregiving course is around 6-7 months.

Do you offer Blended learning?

Yes, we are currently offering Blended Learning. This is where students learn basic concepts and knowledge ONLINE through online classes, then the SKILLS TRAINING and DEMONSTRATIONS will be done face to face.

To enroll in our Blended Learning, these are the steps.

1. Pay enrollment fee of P2,000-2,500 only. Amount depends on what branch you belong.

2. Send copy of payment to

3. We add you in the Class Facebook Group Chat one day before start of class

4. FB Group Chat is the communication venue of the class

5. Class will be in conducted through Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Blended Online class available schedules

  1. Monday to Friday
    • 1-4PM
    • 5:30-8:30PM

2. Saturday and Sunday (1-6pm).

How much is the tuition fee?

The range of tuition fee is Php 20,000 - Php 25,000 for the whole course. The exact amount depends on the branch where you are enrolled. Payment of blended online class is per subject or module and must be done before a new subject or module starts.

Where are your branches?

The address and contact numbers of our branches can be by clicking here.

I want to enroll in UHA Caregiver. What are the requirements needed to enroll?

Here are the basic requirements to enroll in a Caregiving course:

a. 2 pcs. 1x1 pictures (white background)

b. 1 pc long brown envelope

c. Photocopies of the ff:

1. Birth Certificate (NSO or PSA)

2. TOR if college level or College graduate

3. Form 138 & Diploma (if high school graduate)

d. Marriage Certificate if married

e. Payment of enrollment fee (Php 2,000 or Php 2,500 depending on the exact branch)

Please note that you can enroll and start the class even without all the requirements and you may fulfill them at a later date.

How can I send payment?

We have different payment options for your convenience. You may bank transfer to our bank accounts with Chinabank or BDO or transfer money through Gcash.