Ms. Rosemarie in Canada

INSPIRING STORY BY OUR UHA CAREGIVER MS. ROSEMARIE WHO IS NOW IN CANADA! She has a blog called " All about Canada by Rose" where she shares her experience as a caregiver working abroad! 😍
"This school provided me the relevant information and equipped me to work abroad..."
"UHA Caregiver training is a critical part of my journey until this day. I now have experience iceskating, playing in the snow, watching NBA games in person, travelling to different parts in Canada.

Ms. Alma in Sweden

"I was a student in UCTC Mandaue, it was 2007 when I graduated. After I graduated, I did apply as a student in Scotland United Kingdom last 2008-2010. I was working In Ashgrove Care Homes in Scotland United Kingdom. I am so proud to say I was a student under UCTC Mandaue because all what learned from this school was very useful. And now I am here in Sweden. Only I can share is just to have motivation in our dream in life to achieve our goal not only to think to work abroad to earn money but nice to have new experienced in other culture. Thanks and God bless. Thank you so much UCTC Mandaue branch.. 🥰😘"

Ms. Chrislene in Dubai

Chrislene is our graduate from UHA Caregiver - Mandaue Branch Batch 2015. Since then, she has been working in Dubai as a personal caregiver. She has been in Dubai for four years!
A message from Chrislene:
"Working abroad is hard kasi malayo sa family you came here all by yourself, yung sarili mu lng ang pwede mo asahan at pagkatiwalaan but still sumusugal tayo for our family..medyo advatage pag cge ka kasi ung sweldo ayos naman🙂"
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story of hardwork, Chrislene!
There are many opportunities for caregivers around the world! Enroll now to be a caregiver!

Ms. Nica Jean

"I was an OFW in Taiwan and was taking care of lovely couple that inspires me to study caregiving. When i arrived back in the country I immediately enrolled myself to the best caregiving school (this is not to sugarcoat things , but thats according to google as well). Much tóo my surprise I even availed the OWWA scholarship. While studying I enjoyed my friends company ,build myself up and expand my knowledge.Now I am currently employed together with my classmates. If you say CAREGIVER, the first thing that comes to your mind is working ABROAD. But you can also find work here in the country. Together with your hard work,passion and braver heart in UHA your dreams are within reach. Thanks UHA! 💕"

From Trisikad Driver to Caregiver

Ang maka-inspire na story ni Ryan!

We want to share the story of our caregiver graduate Ryan Aredidon, 32 years old, high school graduate from Babag National High School. He is a trisikad driver who worked hard and now finally completed his Caregiver course. He took Saturday & Sunday classes so he can work from Monday to Friday. From being a trisikad driver, sometimes he earns 100-300 pesos a day.
“Usahay, managat ko, bisag unsa ako buhaton para makakwarta”. To earn more money, he would go fishing or do different work. His caregiving education is supported by his brother, and he works as a trisikad driver to pay for his fare and food and school expenses.
Nganong ganahan siya mahimong Caregiver? Tungod kay siya ang nagbantay sa iyang apohan sukad sauna. Karon nga naniguwang na iyang inahan, ganahan unta siya makahibaw ug makat-on unsaon ang tarong na pag atiman.
(Why did he want to become a caregiver? Because before, he took care of his grandmother, and now, he is taking care of his mother who is aging. He wants to know how to care for her properly).
Karon, ni gradwar na siya ug aduna na siyay NCII Certificate! Plano niya na mangita ug trabaho para makatabang sa iyang pamilya
(Now, he is a graduate and has an NCII certificate. He plans to find work so he can help his family).
Ni ana siya, “hinaot naay maagda [mag caregiver]… basen diay naay moporsege og skwela nga mangandoy maka abroad“
In his graduation in April 2019, UCTZ awarded him a special award to recognize his hardwork and perseverance.
Lesson: always persevere and you will achieve your goals!
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